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Virtual Assistant Agreement


A must-have contract template for all Virtual Assistants. 

Created for Freelance Virtual Assistants, this customizable contract template establishes trust from the beginning and helps you provide a top-tier client experience while protecting your rights and limiting your liability.

Quick Details

What it is: A contract template created specifically for Virtual Assistants.

Who it’s for: Freelance Virtual Assistants looking to set a professional tone, streamline the client onboarding process, protect their rights, and clearly define the scope of their work.

When you need it: When working with someone as their freelance virtual assistant.

Why you need it: This easy-to-customize contract template establishes important roles, responsibilities, expectations, and payment terms, helping you avoid potential issues before they arise.

Includes the following essential clauses: 

  • Clear Scope of Work: Defines the specific services you will provide as a virtual assistant to set clear expectations and avoid potential costly misunderstandings with your client. 
  • Terms + Conditions: Defines the duration of the agreement, working hours, and your availability to ensure alignment with your client’s needs. Addresses important matters such as confidentiality, intellectual property rights, and termination clauses to safeguard your interests.
  • Compensation + Payment: Clearly states your compensation structure, whether it’s an hourly rate, fixed fee, or project-based pricing. Outlines the payment schedule, method, and any additional expenses that may be reimbursed to ensure a fair and transparent financial arrangement.
  • Confidentiality + Non-Disclosure: Protects your client’s sensitive information by incorporating robust confidentiality provisions. Clearly outlines obligations and expectations regarding the handling and protection of confidential data.
  • Intellectual Property Rights: Clarifies ownership and usage rights for any intellectual property created or used during the provision of your services. Ensures that your client understands the scope of their rights and limitations, protecting your own intellectual property as necessary.
  • Termination + Dispute Resolution: Establishes the conditions under which either party can terminate the agreement. Includes a process for dispute resolution, such as mediation or arbitration, to ensure a fair and efficient resolution in case of disagreements.
  • Independent Contractor Relationship: Emphasizes your status as an independent contractor, clarifying that you are not an employee of your client’s organization. 
  • Customizable Template: Our Virtual Assistant Agreement template is fully customizable, so you can tailor it to your specific services, terms, and unique circumstances. Modify sections, add or remove clauses as needed, and personalize it to match your branding and style.

Other Info: If you're an employer or company looking for a contract template to use with virtual assistants, you should look at an Independent Contractor Agreement for Companies or a custom Employment Agreement.

    Customer Reviews

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    Found this business on instagram, purchased the product and it was way more than I expected. Worth every single penny.

    We're thrilled that you found us on Instagram and even more so that you chose to trust us with your Virtual Assistant Agreement needs. I'm so glad it's been so helpful to you and appreciate you taking the time to share your experience!