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Grow Your Business and

keep it legal

You're here because you're building something you love and you want to protect it.

At The Boutique Lawyer we are the one-stop shop where creative entrepreneurs can find easy to use and understand contract templates, digital agreements, and legal education courses to fit the modern business owner's unique needs.

Building a thriving online business in this current age requires you to navigate social media, brand influencer parternships, and affiliate marketing, all while scaling your team and outsourcing projects.

We understand that it takes a ton of work every.single.day. and the last thing you want is to lose everything you've built on a legal technicality.

Traditional legal help is expensive, notoriously slow, and hard to access-

And that's why we've made it our mission at The Boutique Lawyer to create solid legal protection for entrepreneurs that's so affordable, you can't afford not to have it.

So take a look around and if you've got questions, we're real people and we're here to help!

“I knew I needed some contracts in place when I started my company. This bundle checked all the blocks for me! It was super easy to customize and I feel totally protected.”
Kyrstin J., CEO of Clear Life Consulting
“It's really hard to tweak a contract when you don't even know what it says or what you can take out. These templates were so easy to use. All the examples really helped me figure out how to make them meet my exact needs.”
Sarah C., Creator of Tunedough

Hey There, I'm Amber!

Aside from being a total nerd and millennial mom of 3—I’m a licensed attorney with over a decade of legal experience specializing in trademarks, social media and personal injury (bc entrepreneurs get hurt too).  My 1:1 clients include 6 & 7-figure businesses, influencers with over a million followers, and small businesses ready to scale. If you’re ready to start treating legal as a leg up instead of a hang up - I’m your lawyer. Thank you so much for being here and taking the time to invest in your business!

Top 3 Contracts That Will Protect Your Online Shop

Top 3 Contracts That Will Protect Your Online Shop

To keep your online shop running smoothly, it's important to have the right legal agreements in place to protect your business and your profits. Here are the top three contracts you need to have in order to keep your online shop safe and secure.
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6 Things Your Brand Influencer Agreement Might Be Missing

6 Things Your Brand Influencer Agreement Might Be Missing

Brand Influencer contracts control participation in a company’s promotional campaign so both parties know what to expect every step of the way–like what to include in campaign posts, when payment will be issued, and more–while laying out the things influencers can and cannot do, keeping both parties legally protected.
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