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Ultimate Entrepreneur Pack

$539.00 $769.00

Snag this pack and get our very best deal on all the templates included in our CEO Starter Pack and CEO Marketing Pack.  With this kind of legal protection, you'll be ready to work with social media creators to launch your business in no time!

This mega-bundle includes all the contracts you need to protect your ass(ets):

  • Professional Services Agreement (valued at $117)
    • This is your 1-on-1 client contract that includes all the clauses you need and a Statement of Work to make sure your clients know what to expect from you and that you're both legally protected.
  • Website Privacy Policy (valued at $49)
    • Since data privacy is important to website visitors, it’s required by law to have a privacy policy that shares how you intend to use and handle their data.
  • Website Terms of Use (valued at $49)
    • This is a legally binding agreement that covers whether your customers can use your logo, repurpose your blogs, backlink to your website, and more!
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (valued at $89)
    • Preserve your sensitive and confidential information by asking all collaborators to sign this NDA.
  • Independent Contractor Agreement (valued at $99)
    • Whether you're working with a part-time assistant or outsourcing customer support, this template spells out what you need from your independent contractors and how they can expect to be paid.
  • Terms of Purchase for Digital Goods + Services (valued at $99)
    • When someone makes a purchase from you, they’ll know exactly what to expect. This template will cover refunds, chargebacks, and how they're allowed use your stuff.
  • Brand Influencer Agreement (valued at $99)
    • Make sure Brand Influencers know who owns the content they create and how to conduct themselves when representing your brand by having them sign this agreement.
  • Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions (valued at $99)
    • Starting an affiliate network? This legally binding agreement covers how affiliates can use your logo, whether they can market on your behalf, how they get paid, and more.
  • Affiliate Agreement (valued at $99)
    • This legally binding agreement allows you to customize allows you to set custom terms for VIP affiliates.

    *See individual contract descriptions for a list of included clauses*