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Website Terms of Use


Create legally-binding ground rules for the visitors of your website.

You’ve worked hard to create a website you’re proud of. This agreement ensures that visitors to your website know what they can and can’t do with your information, images, and more—so that your work, content, and other aspects of your website are protected.

Quick Details

What it is: A legally-binding agreement between you and the users/visitors of your website.

Who it’s for: Anyone with a website.

When you need it: If you have a website, you want a Terms of Use.

Why you need it: This agreement sets the stage for what visitors of your website are and aren’t allowed to do with your content. This covers topics like whether your customers can use any of the images on your site, including your logo when referencing your content, how they may backlink to your website and quote your blogs, how old they have to be to access your site, and more. It's considered best practice in web design to have your Terms of Use linked in the footer of your site for easy access.

Includes the following essential clauses: 

  • General Purpose
  • Age Limitations
  • Changing Terms
  • Website Changes + Access
  • Privacy
  • Protection of Personal Information
  • Website + Social Media Linking
  • Restricted Uses
  • User Submissions
  • Consent to Use
  • Monitoring
  • Enforcement
  • User Content Guidelines
  • Disclaimer
  • External + Affiliate Links
  • Geographic Limitations
  • No Warranties
  • No Guarantees
  • Limitation of Liability
  • Indemnification
  • Binding Arbitration
  • Choice of Law
  • Severability
  • No Waiver
  • Transfer + Assignment
  • Notices
  • Headings for Convenience
  • Entire Agreement
  • All Rights Reserved

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    Shehnaz Abdrabboh
    The Boutique Critique

    The Boutique Lawyer is da bomb diggity bomb!

    'Da bomb diggity bomb?!' That's gonna be hard to top! Thanks, Shehnaz.