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Social Media Services Bundle

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This Bundle Includes: 


  • Social Media Services Agreement + Statement of Work (valued at $117)
  • Website Privacy Policy (valued at $49)
  • Website Terms of Use (valued at $49)


    Are you a social media manager, strategist, reels expert, or do you only do VIP days? This 1:1 client contract covers ALL.THE.THINGS.  Social media managers no longer just do traditional client account management-this field has rapidly evolved to encompass all kinds of service offerings and your contract should evolve with you. This contract template is designed to give you creative control over every aspect of your service offerings and set a detailed job scope so you can clearly define what you will be providing (and what you need from your client) on each job you take on.


    Here are a few of the items our 1:1 client contract lets you dictate:

    • Social Media Agency and Client responsibilities
    • Who owns the work you create for the Client
    • The work you'll do for your client, when you'll do it, and how you'll get paid


    Say buh-bye to scope creep and upgrade you client contract today!


    • Page Length: 13


    Website Privacy Policy (valued at $37)

    If you are collecting names, email addresses or other personally identifiable information of visitors to your website, then you are required by law to have a privacy policy in place and displayed on your website.  In a nutshell, if your website has a contact form or people can purchase products or services from you on the site, you definitely need one. If you get caught without one, you can be fined $$$ since it's illegal. This website privacy policy is super easy to use-it's a fill in the blank, find and replace style template. When you're done editing the template, you simply copy and paste this privacy policy into a separate page that's linked on your site's footer. Our privacy policy is both GDPR and CCPA compliant, covering all your bases.

    • Page length: 6


    • Website Terms of Use (valued at $37)
      • When visitors come to your website, you get to set the grounds rules as to how they can interact with your content and site. This template is a legally binding agreement between you and your website visitors that covers topics like whether your customers can use any of the images on your site including your logo when referencing your content, how they may backlink to your website and quote your blogs, how old they have to be to access your site and more. It's considered a best practice in web design to have your Terms of Use linked in the footer of your site for easy access.


    What’s included?

    • Instant access to your template as a digital download in Word & PDF formats.
    • Easy-to-use fill in the blank, find and replace template.
    • Written without legalese so you actually understand what you're signing.
    • Every template comes with our customization guide that walks you through how to edit the document.
    • All templates are drafted by Amber Gilormo, Esq. a seasoned entrepreneur and attorney with over a decade of experience in the legal industry, so you know what you get is legally enforceable and will work to protect your business.
    • Each contract is peer reviewed by industry specific experts so it has everything you need and nothing you don't.
    • Every purchase is a massive discount for a lawyer-drafted document considering our 1:1 services start at $2,500 and only go up from there.
    • Exclusive invite to our private Facebook Group for contract support, biz tips and networking.



    *Website Privacy Policy & Terms of Use are for your personal business use only, meaning you can't sell them to your clients (or give them away for free).  If your clients need these items, you can sign up as an Affiliate and offer them a discount code*

    *See individual contract descriptions for a list of included clauses*

    Customer Reviews

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    Tessa Miller
    Highly recommend!

    I was able to effectively onboard a new client with the contract and make my website legally up-to-date! This is totally worth the money and I'll be doing all of my legal things through The Boutique Lawyer from now on, you're the best Amber!!