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Social Media Services Bundle

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As a social media professional, you play a big role in your client’s success. These agreements help protect your success and boundaries in the process.

Confidently and legally offer social media services—like management, strategy, and more—without worrying about things like scope creep, missed payments, and other annoying legal issues.

Quick Details

What it is: Three agreements all social media professionals need in place before offering 1:1 services or hosting a website.

What’s included:

Who it’s for: Social media strategists, social media managers, Reels experts, and any other social media professional.

When you need it: When offering 1:1 social media services and if you utilize a website to drive traffic and collect information.

Why you need it: Each of these three agreements helps protect you, your work, your time, and your boundaries. 

Other Info:

*Website Privacy Policy & Terms of Use are for your personal business use only, meaning you can't sell them to your clients (or give them away for free).  If your clients need these items, you can sign up as an Affiliate and offer them a discount code*

**See individual contract descriptions for a list of included clauses

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lindsay Britt
Super Easy

I purchased the Social Media Services Bundle a few days ago and I've already been able to input all of my information and customize it, so it's ready to add to my website and to be used for new clients. The directions were super easy to understand and implement. I feel protected and a lot more relaxed knowing it's taken care of. Thank you!

Hi, Lindsay! So happy to hear the Social Media Services Bundle is working for you. There are so many other things you need to focus on when it comes to your business, we love to hear that we've made something easier. Thanks, for the feedback! - Amber

Tessa Miller
Highly recommend!

I was able to effectively onboard a new client with the contract and make my website legally up-to-date! This is totally worth the money and I'll be doing all of my legal things through The Boutique Lawyer from now on, you're the best Amber!!

Thanks, Tessa! We'll be here to help you and your business. - Amber