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Brand Designer Bundle

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A specially-curated bundle of contracts for brand and web designers.

Includes everything you need to legally and professionally work with design and branding clients. 


Quick Details

What it is: A bundle of contracts created specifically for brand and web designers.

What’s included:

•   Brand Designer Services Agreement + Statement of Work (valued at $117)

•   Website Privacy Policy (valued at $49)* 

•  Website Terms of Use (valued at $49)*

Who it’s for: Brand and web designers (or anyone creating brand identities, logos, brand guidelines, or graphic design for clients).

When you need it: When creating design work for 1:1 clients.

Why you need it: These contracts protect both you and your client while helping to ensure a positive professional relationship.

Other Info:

*Website Privacy Policy & Terms of Use are for your personal use only, meaning you can't sell them to your clients (or give them away for free).  If your clients need these items, you can sign up as an Affiliate and offer them a discount code*

**See individual contract descriptions for a list of included clauses*

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Emily M
Exactly what I needed for my niche

Thank you! There are so many relevant parts to these contracts I didn’t even realize I had to cover, like having the client pay for any premium font licenses! And this went much more in-depth to relevant issues for brand design than contracts I’ve purchased online before. Wow. Thank you so so much. Will come back for more when I expand my e-commerce and I’ll get the physical and digital bundle. The project was so easy to personalize too. I spent two days dreading it then I sat down and knocked it out really fast and it wasn’t bad at all! What was I even procrastinating for?! Thank you again!!