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Web Design Bundle

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Design websites and other brand assets for clients without worrying about legal issues like scope creep, bogus chargebacks, and clients crossing boundaries.

Your work as a web and brand designer deserves firm and specific legal protection. These three essential agreements cover all of your bases—from 1:1 work to ensuring your own website is crossing its legal t’s and dotting its legal i’s.

Quick Details

What it is: Three legal agreements no brand or web designer should work without.

What’s included:

Who it’s for: Brand and web designers.

When you need it: When creating assets like websites, landing pages, or storefronts for clients.

Why you need it: These legally-binding agreements help protect you and your work from any potential legal issues.

Other Info:

*Website Privacy Policy & Terms of Use are for your personal use only, meaning you can't sell them to your clients (or give them away for free).  If your clients need these items, you can sign up as an Affiliate and offer them a discount code*

**See individual contract descriptions for a list of included clauses