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A Note From Our Founder

A Note From Our Founder

If there’s one thing I value more than anything—especially as a leader in the online space—it’s transparency. So today, I want to tell you about how I got here, what keeps me here, and why TBL (The Boutique Lawyer) should be your go-to for all things business & legal.

I won’t bore you with a novel-length biography, but here’s the long short of it:

📚 I wasn’t a huge fan of law school but knew I had something unique to offer the legal world, and I wanted to bring some humanism to an otherwise robotic and bland space

🤓 My first job out of law school was at a general practice firm where I litigated everything from vehicular homicide cases to contract disputes and child custody (I’ve seen A LOT)

🧠 Since then, I’ve handled everything from assault cases to catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death cases (you could say my legal resume is… extensive)

🥳 I’ve since opened two separate law firms—personal injury & IP (trademarks, contracts, etc.)

Here’s where my “path” really started to shift. When I was opening and then dissolving my first firm, I struggled to understand what my business needed, and if I’m totally honest, I made some costly business errors.

I had two experiences with lawyers where they ripped me off and left me with a truly icky feeling toward business law. I felt taken advantage of, and like I’d wasted money for less-than-stellar “advice.” (YES! Even lawyers can feel overwhelmed and confused by business law!)

Cue the desire to offer small business owners something different. Something better.

I understood trademarks. I was an expert in contracts. And I had the extensive experience and know-how to guide business owners in the right direction and help them if/when things went south (because I’d been there myself).

So I brought TBL to life, and I’ve been serving business owners like YOU ever since 👭

In my opinion, the legal world needs to adapt as quickly as the world around it. Law can no longer be inaccessible, wildly expensive, or confusing. It needs to be easy to implement, financially accessible, and simple.

And THAT is our driving force. Along with a few other values that mean a lot to our team:

  • Time-Freedom: Helping you spend less time on your computer and more time living your life.
  • High Impact: Our resources are built to change the course of your business in a very real, tangible way.
  • Practical Education: We’re approachable and easy to understand, but we also give quick solutions to everyday problems so you can implement & see results ASAP.
TBL exists because small business owners and online brands deserve a simple, less intimidating way to protect their hard work and original ideas (getting sued isn’t fun).

And TBH, our templates and courses are an accessible and affordable replacement for hiring a pricey law firm to solve your problems for you.

Proactivity always pays off.

When you’re ready to get your legal ducks in a row 🐤 visit our Shop and use code “CHEDDAR” for 10% off your order.