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Accessibility Checklist


Ever wondered why hallways in office buildings are pretty much the same width? It's because of the ADA! The Americans with Disabilities Act has certain requirements to make sure everyone can access public spaces, regardless of their limitations. 

And guess what? They don't just have rules about physical environments - they have accessibility standards for online spaces too.

There are a ton of rules and guidelines you should be following to make sure your landing page (and your entire website) is ADA-compliant, but it's not very straightforward what those rules are. And lawsuits against businesses who aren't following them are on the rise.

TBL's FREE Accessibility Checklist will help you check all the blocks (literally) so you KNOW you're doing you're very best to serve all your customers with your digital presence.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Juliet Wilde
accessiblity checklist

This checklist was really handle. I don't always remember the accessibility features I should incorporate and it can be overwhelming to remember all the details. So it's nice to have a thorough detailed on hand.

Thank you! I'm so glad you're finding the checklist so helpful! -Amber

Really came in handy

Glad to know more about being ADA-compliant, especially for landing pages and websites.

Thanks, Dominique! - Amber