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Help! I need to change the name of my LLC!

Help! I need to change the name of my LLC!

One of my least favorite things is when I have to tell my 1:1 Trademark clients that they have to consider rebranding, which 9 times out of 10 involves a name change.

Luckily, I’ve got the steps down pat on how to change your LLC name so hopefully, I can save you the headache of looking that up yourself. 

If you’re considering a name change for your LLC follow these steps to make it official:

  1. Research to make sure your new business name is available!  This usually starts with an internet search, running a State database search and preliminary trademark search. Don’t forget to check if your domain name and social handles are available too!
  2. Submit a Name Change Request on your Secretary of State’s Corporations website or portal.  It’s usually just a form you fill out and pay a nominal fee to have processed.  These name changes are usually approved and made official at the State level within a few days after the request 
  3. In order to make the name change official on the Federal level (aka with the IRS), you will need to write a letter to the IRS informing them of the name change and send to the address where you filed your most recent year’s tax return.
  4. If applicable, update your name with any Permitting or Licensing offices in your state.
  5. Don’t forget to update your bank with the name change as well!  You will usually need to send them confirmation of the name change once approved by the State.  Occasionally, a bank may ask for an updated Form SS-4 from the IRS which is your EIN or Tax Payer ID number and includes your business’ formal name.

Happy Business-ing!

-Amber :)