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The Email Marketing Membership That Changed My Business

The Email Marketing Membership That Changed My Business

As business owners, we all have those things on our longggg list of to-do’s that we’ve been putting off for wayyyy too long. 

It’s like there’s a never ending list of things that we know are good ideas and *should* be implemented in our business, but we just can’t seem to get around to doing it. 

It’s kind of like how you’ve been meaning to change that light bulb in your bathroom for months, but getting around to buying new light bulbs, climbing up a ladder, and actually changing it just feels like more work than what it’s worth. 

But unlike the dead light bulbs in your house, there are some things on your business owner list that really can’t wait. 

The moment you take action on them, the closer you can be to seeing the results that you really desire in your business. 

Results like more leads, more sales, and *ahem* more money in your bank account. 

For me, that thing was implementing email marketing in my business. 

But not just any kind of email marketing. Because anyone can create a free lead magnet, grow their list, and write a weekly email. 

And while that’s great, I was more interested in the kind of email marketing that was backed with strategy and led to REAL results in my business - just like I mentioned above.

The Email Marketing Membership That Changed My Business

Prior to investing in email marketing that was backed by strategy, I had dabbled in email for my business, but never really took it all that serious. 

I had heard the advice being spewed on the internet – create a lead magnet, promote it on social, start growing your email list, talk to them weekly, and then convert those people into paying customers. 

Don’t get me wrong, the advice sounded great, but if I’m being totally honest, I really just didn’t have the time or correct tools to devote to that process.

So what did I do?

Launched a lead magnet, started growing my list, and only talked to them when I was trying to sell something. 

I know… if you’re a copywriter or email expert reading this, you’re probably cringing right now. 

That’s a big business owner no no and is essentially the same as posting and ghosting on social media. 

Looking back, I’m not proud of the way I treated email in my business early on because knowing what I know now, it’s a freaking game changer when done correctly.

Which is why I’m excited to say that I learned the better way and now have the tools I can rely on to continue growing my email list AND communicate with them on a regular basis, so that when I am selling something, they aren’t wondering who the heck I am. 

They know me and I know them. Which means that I can confidently show up in their inbox to serve them with tips and resources that they can easily implement in their business!

So by now, you might be wondering… “Amber, HOW did you learn how to do that?!”

I don’t gatekeep around here, so let me introduce you to my friend, Liz Wilcox.

Liz has a membership called Annual that’s been around since February 2021, has over 3700 folks in it, and she has yet to change the price.

(Can you think of anything else that is the same price it was almost 3 years ago?!)

The Annual Pass Membership includes:

  • Weekly newsletter templates and swipe examples delivered straight to your inbox
  • Weekly video email mini-trainings on how to use the templates and swipes to build a list of buyers
  • Larger trainings on things like List Building and more
  • Monthly Q+A
  • Quarterly guest experts
  • Themed templates to help you get clicks, make presales, and even an entire sales launch sequence (one she used to have a 100% conversion rate, btw) 

On top of all that, her templates and swipes are actually usable.

She writes them with all sorts of businesses and tones in mind, which means that whether you’re a blogger, service provider, Etsy seller, or even own a local business, you’ll know exactly how every week’s email template can work for you.

Trust me, I know it sounds too good to be true, but most of the emails that I send to my list can be attributed to the help of Liz and her membership!

To me, this thing is worth WAYYYY more than she charges and has helped me stay consistent with email marketing in my business and bring in consistent results through email!

But above all, what I love the most is her reasoning behind this membership and this price.

She not only talks about building an inclusive business where everyone can truly learn about email marketing, but also she’s done it herself.

So, if email marketing is something you’ve been avoiding in your business too, take this as your sign to join Annual Pass and get the tools and resources you need to make it a breeze!

❗️And if you’re reading this during Black Friday 2023, she’s offering a wicked deal when you join ❗️

When you commit to 12 months ($108) she’s giving away ALL THE REST OF HER PRODUCTS FOR FREE.

Products on launching, pre-selling, keeping your list healthy, building community and creating customers…all of it for free.

Rumor has it she’s also creating a summit that yearly members will get for free, too. And if I know anything about Liz, I know it’s going to be the coolest, most unique summit ever so I’m really excited about that!

CLICK HERE to join for the year with a one-time payment of $108 – I’m a member too and I’d love to see you at the next live Q+A. Liz always makes it fun!

Here’s to checking things off your business owner to-do list with ease, my friend. ✅

P.S. If you’d rather see what Liz is all about before committing to the membership, grab her Swipe Swipe Baby freebie to start making moves on your email marketing. 

NOTE: This blog post contains affiliate links, but I only ever recommend products or services that I love and use myself!