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The People Pleaser's Guide to Negotiating Contracts


A lawyer’s guide to negotiating that helps kind-hearted hustlers keep their clients vibing and their boundaries thriving.

It's time to reframe negotiation from conflict to conversation! The "People Pleaser's Guide to Negotiating a Contract" is your guide to turn potential client 'Nos' into resounding 'Yeses,' all while ensuring your boundaries are solid and your integrity is intact. With a blend of mindset shifts and practical, lawyer-approved techniques, this guide demystifies the "art of negotiation" and proves it's really much more of a science. This playbook will have you not just surviving, but thriving in difficult client conversations.

Quick Details

What it is: A strategic guide designed to decode and simplify the negotiation process, empowering you with a toolkit of tactical approaches and real-life examples and script prompts you can use with AI generators like ChatGPT to create your own, situation-specific scripts to use in just about any potentially tricky negotiation.

Who it’s for: Anyone ready to redefine their negotiation narrative and sharpen their skills while ensuring client relationships remain strong, and personal boundaries are respected throughout the negotiation process.

When you need it: When you're facing a contract negotiation and want to ensure a balanced, respectful, and beneficial outcome for both parties involved.

Why you need it: To shift your negotiation paradigm from confrontation to conversation, mastering the art of the pause, the finesse of mirroring, and the gentle assertiveness of the sandwich technique. This guide is your segue to handling even the trickiest of client asks with grace, clarity, and confidence.

Includes the following:

  • Overcoming the Fear of “No”: Reframe negotiation from confrontation to conversation, transforming dread into anticipation.
  • Negotiation Techniques to Master: Dive into the Sandwich Technique, the Mirroring Approach, and other lawyer-approved tactics, all illustrated with real-world scenarios.
  • Quick Strategies to Bolster Your Negotiation Power: Equip yourself with quick strategies to enhance your negotiation stance for a favorable balance in client interactions.
  • Craft Your Counter with ChatGPT: Leverage ChatGPT to formulate compelling counteroffers, responses, and email correspondences, with ready-to-use prompts for common negotiation scenarios.
  • Counteroffer Checklist: Your step-by-step pal in crafting counteroffers that feel like a hearty chat instead of a heated clash.

Other Info: With a blend of lawyer-backed techniques and a compassionate approach, this guide transforms negotiation from a daunting task to an empowering, relationship-building journey. 

Customer Reviews

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Sarah Clanton
Beautifully Informative

Love how all of this useful information is laid out in such a beautifully digestible way.

Thank you, Sarah! Happy to help. - Amber