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Membership Terms & Conditions


Lock in Success & Peace of Mind: Your Membership NEEDS Solid Terms & Conditions — Don’t Launch Without Them!

The Membership Terms & Conditions Template is tailor-made for business owners hosting memberships on online learning platforms or communities. This legal framework is essential for business owners who offer memberships, subscriptions, or any form of recurring services. From digital downloads and live calls to billing, auto renewals, trial periods and cancellation policies, ensure every aspect of your membership program is covered under clear, comprehensive terms.

Quick Details

What it is: A comprehensive legal agreement that outlines the terms and conditions of your membership services, protecting both you and your subscribers.

Who it’s for: Ideal for educators, coaches, digital content creators, and any online business offering memberships or subscription-based services.

When you need it: Before launching your membership platform or revising your existing terms to ensure they're up-to-date with the latest legal requirements and business offerings.

Why you need it: To clearly communicate the what you membership provides, how it will be delivered, as well as setting expectations regarding communication and protecting your membership content right from the start. 

Includes essential clauses on:

  • Acceptance of Terms and Subscription Process
  • Scope of Membership Services (Digital Downloads, Templates, Live Calls, and More)
  • Access and Delivery of Membership Content
  • Membership Fees, Payment Terms, and Promotions
  • Refund Policy and Trial Offer Terms
  • Cancellation and Termination Policies
  • Intellectual Property Rights and Usage Licenses
  • Privacy, Data Protection, and Member Confidentiality
  • Limitations of Liability, Indemnifications, and Dispute Resolution
  • Comprehensive Coverage on Additional Aspects Like Age Restrictions, Changes to Terms, and Force Majeure Events

Who's this template NOT for: This template does not cover software subscriptions or subscriptions for physical goods.

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