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Calling All Course Creators: Don't Skip THIS Legal Agreement

Calling All Course Creators: Don't Skip THIS Legal Agreement

As a business owner, you’re probably already aware of some of the most common legalities that
your business needs.

Things like your LLC filing, trademarking, privacy policies, contracts and terms and conditions
are commonly known items that you might already have in place.

(Psst: if you don’t already have those things in place, I’ve made most of those super simple for
you with my contract shop!)

But as you start selling products, services or courses that can lead to tangible growth for your
customers and clients, such as financial gains or other business growth in the form of followers
or customers, there’s ONE major legal agreement that you don’t want to miss.

And oddly enough, it’s something that I see a lot of business owners, specifically course
creators, missing altogether.

And that is a General Disclaimer!

If you are a course creator (or plan to be in the future), listen up 📣

What is a General Disclaimer?

A General Disclaimer is a statement that is used to limit or exclude liability for certain
information or actions and is typically included on websites, documents or other materials to
provide information to your customers about the limitations and conditions of use.

When you have a General Disclaimer for your course or other services that could lead to
growth, you are essentially claiming that you aren’t responsible for how the customer
implements or uses the information they’re given.

With this disclaimer, you are clearly stating that the information provided is for educational
purposes only and you aren’t promising any specific results.

This disclaimer also protects you in the instance of any mistakes or errors in the information you
provide or if the information isn’t exactly up to date.

Overall, the General Disclaimer is your legal bestie if someone tries to come after you claiming
the information you provided did not help them or was incorrect.

Why Does a General Disclaimer Matter?

As a course creator, there’s a chance that you use (or will use in the future) testimonials and
results from other customers to market your course. This is normal and is a perfectly fine way to

However, where things get tricky is when potential customers start to believe those results are
what they can expect, too.

While you of course want to be able to share what other customers (or yourself) have
experienced from the information and education you provide, you don’t want to promise that
everyone will experience the same.

For example, let’s say that you have two students purchase your course.

Both of them receive the EXACT same education and information, but Student 1 experiences
10x financial growth after implementing what they learned and Student 2 doesn’t.

When Student 2 realizes this, let’s say they approach you for a refund or some sort of
explanation for their lack of results.

Your General Disclaimer protects you from being responsible and you wouldn’t be legally
required to refund this student.

Overall, having this disclaimer in place tells your customers and clients that everything
they learn is up to them to implement and use and results are not promised or backed on

Most General Disclaimers include language that states:

  • No warranty, meaning the information provided is “as is”
  • Limitation of Liability, meaning that the user assumes all responsibility and risk associated with the use of the information provided, and that you, as the provider of the information, will not be liable for any damages or losses that may result
  • No endorsement, meaning that you, as the the provider of the information, does not endorse or guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information provided
  • No legal advice, meaning that the information provided is not intended to be legal advice and that users should consult with a qualified legal professional for advice on their specific situation
  • Changes and updates, meaning that the information provided may be changed or updated at any time without notice

Out of all of those statements, the Limitation of Liability is something I see many business
owners missing in their disclaimers.

That piece of your statement is CRUCIAL and you want to make sure you’re making that very
clear so that you are not held responsible for the results (or lack thereof) of your customers or

Who Needs a General Disclaimer?

Now that you know what a General Disclaimer is and why it matters, you might be wondering if
YOU need it.

Generally speaking, any business owner who sells a product, service, course, digital download, etc. that teaches people about business, finances, legal or even medical topics needs a

Having this in place will ultimately protect you and your business from potential legal issues by
informing users of your website or course of any limitations or risks associated with using your

It’s better to be safe than sorry, so if you’re questioning if you need a disclaimer… you probably

When it comes to the legal side of things, a lot of business owners simply don’t know
where to go or how to navigate this part of business, which is why I’ve made it simple for

You shouldn’t have to spend hours of your time searching Google for your answer to legal
questions or watching YouTube videos learning how to write legal agreements.

I’ve already done (most) of the work for you.

All you have to do is click here to grab your General Disclaimer template for under $100!

This template is:

✅ Professionally drafted by a lawyer
✅ Customizable to fit your specific needs
✅ Suitable for use on your website or in your course portal
✅ Easy to implement and use

By purchasing a general disclaimer from our digital contract shop, you can have peace of mind
knowing that you have taken steps to protect yourself and your business from potential legal

Purchase now and safeguard your online presence today! 💪

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