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General Disclaimer


Safeguard your online presence and limit your company’s liability by establishing what your content is and isn’t from the very start.

When creating content—like a course, program, or membership—around legal, finance, or medical topics, it’s important to proactively protect yourself from disgruntled consumers who may use your information incorrectly or end up harming themselves in the process. This simple disclaimer should be displayed along with your marketing materials 

Quick Details

What it is: A copy-and-paste disclaimer to use with your course or program marketing materials.

Who it’s for: Course creators, educators, or anyone creating content around these types of topics.

When you need it: If you sell a course or membership that teaches people about business, financial, legal, or medical topics.

Why you need it: This disclaimer protects you and your business from potential legal issues by informing users of your website or course of any limitations or risks associated with using your content.

Customer Reviews

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Chris Hooten
Confidence Boost

As a small business owner, I'm constantly learning that I don't know what I don't know. I had a brand strategist recommend that I get a disclaimer from The Boutique Lawyer, and as soon as I read the Disclaimer Template, I knew that I had made the right choice. Uploading it to my website made me feel better about clarifying what I can offer to my prospective clients and this saves me time during my discovery calls. The true value is the change is felt in the confidence and security I feel when I do business.

We love when our templates help give business owners more confidence and security, and the fact that it saves you time during your discovery calls is an added bonus! Love it! -Amber