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CEO Marketing Pack

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Looking to grow your brand’s presence on social media? This bundle helps you do that without running into legal issues down the line.

Social media can be an incredible tool for expanding your brand’s presence and increasing your revenue through affiliate and strategic partnerships. However, it’s important that you have specific agreements and terms in place to ensure a smooth and professional relationship with your partners. 


Quick Details

What it is: A bundle of 3 important resources for all businesses looking to utilize affiliates or influencers to grow their brand/business via social media.

What’s included:

  • Brand Influencer Agreement (valued at $99)
    • Make sure Brand Influencers know who owns the content they create and how to conduct themselves when representing your brand by having them sign this agreement.
  • Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions (valued at $99)
    • Starting an affiliate network? These terms & conditions cover how affiliates can use your logo, whether they can market on your behalf, how they get paid, and more.
  • Affiliate Agreement (valued at $99)
    • This legally binding agreement allows you to customize allows you to set custom terms for VIP affiliates.

Who it’s for: CEOs and founders who are ready to utilize the power of social media and strategic partnerships, to increase revenue and grow their brand.

When you need it: When working with affiliates, influencers, or strategic partnerships. 

Why you need it: These legally-binding agreements set important boundaries, expectations, and project parameters from the start so that you and your people can focus on the job at hand instead of wading through murky legal waters.

Other Info:

*See individual contract descriptions for a list of included clauses