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CEO Marketing Pack

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Our CEO Marketing Pack is perfect for businesses who are ready to grow on social media. These contracts will protect your brand and your investment in social media marketing:

  • Brand Influencer Agreement (valued at $69)
    • Make sure Brand Influencers know who owns the content they create and how to conduct themselves when representing your brand by having them sign this agreement.
  • Affiliate Agreement (valued at $69)
    • Starting an affiliate network? This legally binding agreement covers how affiliates can use your logo, whether they can market on your behalf, how they get paid, and more.
  • Social Media Outreach Agreement (valued at $57)
    • If you need help reaching out to possible affiliates and engaging with other social media accounts, this template covers all your bases.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (valued at $79)
    • Preserve your sensitive and confidential information by asking all collaborators to sign this NDA.

*See individual contract descriptions for a list of included clauses*