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3 Things to think about when naming your business

Isn’t it funny that sometimes a new business or course name will just pop into our heads and other times...
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The power of a personal brand

Time for me to come clean….when I first started marketing my own business...
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Digital Products – What to Charge & Why

When wondering how to price our products as we introduce them into a (sometimes) saturated market...
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Business taxes got you beat? Here’s a great write-off you may not have thought about

Like many small business owners, I CRINGE, every time tax season rolls around...
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I’m not into that work, work, work life – and you shouldn’t be either

A healthy person wants many things, but an unhealthy person only wants one.

I’ve been preaching ‘health is wealth’ for over 11 years...

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Help! I need to change the name of my LLC!

One of my least favorite things is when I have to tell my 1:1 Trademark clients that they have to...
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How do I know if I need a Trademark?

Let's start with the basics.  A trademark is a unique identifier of your brand that helps consumers...

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Do for yourself in order to show up for others

Gentle reminder to myself and all the moms out there–we’ve got to remember to prioritize ourselves in order to...
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